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television service. number three is fuel energy. fuel cell, which reports earnings on march 10, is one of the most overbought stocks. >> i am talking cars. the auto-parts retailer reporting in nine percent increase as well as sales growth of four percent. severe winter weather actually helps sales by accelerating demand area >> number one is radioshack. shares plunged more than 25% after the electronics chain announced plans to close up to 1100 stores in the u.s., or 20% of its footprint. radioshack also reported a significantly wider loss for the fourth quarter. are also keeping our eyes on shares of smith and west. the gunmaker reporting earnings after the close today. a bumpy ride for alix steel, and paul barrett joins us from washington. on god's.t with you we saw them take off in 2013 under the threat of more regulation. what is happening, why this decline now? >> there has not been any kind of tragedies. if you take a look at federal background check which analysts say can be a relatively good barometer for sales, they tend to increase we see some kind of national shooting. auror
whoead observes him closely said, it might be energy. energy will be the big area. is for the most part a stable and secure industry. there are dominant players and you can have a monopoly hold on a certain sector of this group. is that similar to what you have heard? areay could be an active for him? >> certainly, he hinted their big energy unit, they did the deal and the battle last year. he said it would not be their last major acquisition. i take him at his word. this industry has room for consolidation. there are utilities out there. i do not know if it will happen this year or when, -- >> let's be clear. i think what you're referring to and powertribution generation, both of which enjoy great labor returns in capital. let's say he could deploy capital at 12% with flow that could cost them nothing over time. it is extraordinary. then there are huge amounts of capital. as to the actual producers of energy, exxon and the rest, i think he struggles with what he thein this as his test, hundred year test. he talked about the new acquisitions still around 100 years. exxon has been around
northern santa fe, and acquisition he did back in 2010. unit. from an energy it is coming from all of these acquisitions. the issue ofraise succession even more? >> succession is a huge issue for berkshire. if you listen to what buffett said about that in the past, he would say that these operating berkshire hashow a future that is going to go on much longer than him. he is not involved in the day-to-day operations. >> right. i wonder what the correlation is between their profits and gdp. is there one? analysts,speak with as the u.s. goes, so does berkshire. think about something like burlington northern santa fe, a big, big railroad. if people are buying more stuff, companies are moving more stuff, burlington northern tends to do better. --what are you expecting what do people want to know? is always on the table. last year, he did not give us that much on that front. apart from that, it is going to be everything from the economy to his thoughts about the investing environment right now. are these sectors the ones that are responsible for the profits? >> a big chunk of it. another
that the limited resource is cash. it is not. the limited resources always the time and energy of the management team and their focus. when i come into a situation, it is always about what we are focusing on and what can we move to the side, because you have limited time and energy for the management team to actually drive change and drive improvement. it gives them that opportunity, in a calmer environment. >> cash is a factor in that. you can always get cash. you can leverage something, ight? if there is a cogent strategy -- >> you are able to get cash. >> it is costly. but you can do it. >> the mob might lend you money. >> but when you are meandering around a bunch of strategies and a lost customer base, it is very difficult. >> if you are doing restructuring with jcpenney or another company, is there a point beyond which you just say, ok, it is not worth salvaging here, we're just going to shut it all down? where is the tipping point echo -- where is the tipping point? >> you know, jcpenney has artie crusted, but that is a qualitative thing you have to go through. thed to consider what is in
of the darlings of the market. >> they will be where? is one name that we like. energy would be a name in terms of a sector play. this energy independent north america is a very good thing for the next 7-10 years. looking at the net states with our natural gas reserves. be fallout from those will significant. manufacturing is improving. there are ideas where the u.s. is globally competitive but are internally focused. the u.s. is a big economy but does not trade a lot. not compared to hong kong or south korea or holland. --e inward focus >> more but consuming pattern. you are looking at stock versus high-yield. they highlighted this inverse correlation we have seen in the s&p and high-yield spread. red shows the lower default risk. the economy gets better, more confidence in stocks, less concern over credit quality. we keep getting new ties in the s&p -- new highs in the s&p. how does this change the investment landscape for the rest of the year? >> wire using this? >> is an improving economy. the liquidity is provided. are being muzzled. they're not the same as stock. almost as volatile, but f
industry groups, nine out of 10 of them are higher at the moment, led by consumer staples and energy stocks. telecom services are the only sector to fall. we will be back on the markets in early minutes. "market makers" is next. ♪ bloombergom headquarters in new york, this " with erikmakers schatzker and stephanie ruhle. >> mt. gox is gone. supplier filing bankruptcy overnight. >> clash of the titans. carl icahn fires up yet another letter, accusing mark andreessen of conflicts of interest.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6